Michelle Skov Justesen

This project, question the demolition of the old historic buildings in the Danish harbours - Randers Harbour.

I have chosen to take a closer look at the port of Randers, which is currently working on plans for a new district and which will result in demolition of existing industrial buildings.
In my opinion, the loss is large and far greater than we are aware of when we choose to demolish historic buildings in a city like Randers. Being able to visit a city and see the history in the buildings, in terms of form, materials and expressions, is something that is impossible to recreate and we will end up with cities that are similar to each other without history and atmosphere.
Quality is also important to mention. If you look at construction today, everything is mostly made of glass, steel and concrete, which means that we do not find the same quality in today’s buildings as we did back then.
It is not only the history of the place and quality of construction that plays a role but it is also a sustainable approach. These buildings have great potential to be adapted for a new function. So why do they have to be torn down ?