Marlene Hindsted

En Ålegræs Produktion, som reetablerer vores tabte ålegræs enge på havbunden; og som systematisk høster og tørrer end-of-life ålegræs, som er skyllet i land.

Watch the full project:

This thesis project is an architectural suggestion of a production that re-establishes, collects, and dries eelgrass.
The production points to our future closed-loop-productions, where the exploitation of a natural resource is related to the protection of our ecosystems.

One part of the production works for the re-establishment and recovery of eelgrass meadows. It is the most precise and longest used indicator, telling us how well we treat our marine environment, and the root system has the quality of storing Co2 in the air-free sediments.
The second part is a systematic harvest and drying process of the eelgrass that has washed ashore; to make eelgrass a competitive material in the building industry. From a rest product of the seabed, it can be transformed into building insulation, acoustic panels, or furniture fill.

Arriving at the Pier
Plan / Section of growing circle
Meeting machine and water
Arriving at the Pier