Karl Henrik Kobbeltvedt

Knubben: The rehabilitation of an old essential

Studio 3 - Emerging Architectures & Sustainability

Watch the full project:

My thesis project surrounds the idea of bringing an island back to life and back to the world. This 750 square meters big island was once a public bathing facility back in the 1930s, which gathered the people from the islands surrounding Arendal, Norway. In a maritime town like Arendal, in this unique location, people have a sentimental connection to the island, which can not be visited due to its dangerous state of decay.

The project proposes a long term solution that works with the existing concrete ruin that is present today. A warmer addition, timber platform grid that works around, preserves, and presents the old until the days of total decay. The footprint of the old ruin will remain in the newly formed platform that will exist in the future. An abstract way of showing a cultural memory.
The days of the strict division between men and women is over and the old masterplans of the island can speak to that. An open-minded facility that speaks to the people year-round, not only for the dedicated bathers but also the people who want to spend time by the ocean in an ever privatized coastline.