Julie Ærthøj Velling

A Matter of Proportions
A reuse textile factory that turns old gamrents into new textiles.

Studio 2a
Building Design and Techniques

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This thesis proposes an architectural intervention that reacts to the issue of the fast fashion industry. The project is a re-used textile factory partially accessible to the public. The architecture proposes a meeting between the recycling of textiles and the recycling of an abandoned building.Through this meeting, the project awakens an awareness to how much we waste and how we can reuse old clothes.

Situated at an existing grain storage silo building at Mellemarmen in Aarhus this proposal investigates how minor transformations on an existing building can have the biggest impact. Furthermore, the project seeks to strengthen the tendency of Mellemarmen as a hybrid world with both industrial and public programs.

This thesis aim is to make a transparent production where the visitor can view its process step by step. The project celebrates the technology that can help us in our struggle against our waste, textiles as materials that we should love and worship and old buildings that can turn into fantastic architecture.

By using the setting of an unused factory, the project amplifies the atmospheric qualities that are already there, and adds structures that makes it possible for the visitor to explore them. The project states that even buildings that are not classified as worthy of preservation can have architectural value.