Elias Hamann

From space debris to space habitat for short-term civilian space tourism.

Watch the full project:

The Earth, our planet is surrounded by thousands of artificial satellites that every day alleviates our lives through internet connectivity, mobile phone data, GPS location services, weather updates, and entertainment, etc. to most of the human population around the globe.
However, there is an even larger number of objects orbiting: fragments from past launches, collisions, and explosions in low-Earth orbit (LEO). This industrial high-tech waste makes the space around Earth a perilous location to inhabit, and without action, some regions will be off-limit for future missions, our technological development, or even civilizational expansion.

With the advancement in technology and the ever-evolving interest in space exploration and space travel, our mind calls for new tendencies beyond earthbound solutions. RSDO-1-29 proposes a solution dealing with a recycling process of the abandoned space junk but also reconstructing and transforming a habitat for short-term civilian space tourism. Tourism set in a scene of the future year 2035

For space-station tour follow the link: https://youtu.be/up_xJwiegOo